What Do You Say About Valentine’s Day?


Happy Friday!

You guys I had a very thought provoking post planned for today about my thoughts on Alvin Ailey’s Revelations and the disintegration of the “Black Church.”

But then somebody posted the video below on their F.acebook page. And I was like efff it. It’s Friday!

Regarding the over saturation of all these ish Black people say to their dogs, ish Asian people say to Black chicks in the nail shop, ish white people say to their Hispanic housekeepers,  one day after Ms Blue Jacket sent me yet another one, I said in my Andre 3000 voice, “this shyt here must stop.”

And it really should.

But with Valentine’s Day looming and causing fear in men and panic attacks in women, I thought this video was on point.

Watch it and enjoy! And if you’re a single woman, just remember that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday any damn way. And you don’t need nobody!

Have a great weekend! And I’ll holla back on Monday!